The Synchronicity (Helpful People/Travel) Area


 Part 11: The Synchronicity (Helpful People/Travel) Area

This area is the far right corner on the bottom third of your bagua. It has to do with being in the right place at the right time, connections, harmonious flow, and all forms of help from the seen and unseen world. When this area is activated and flowing, annoying hassles surrounding the general flow of your life experience are at a minimum. You easily catch your flights, find your luggage, and acquire parking spaces. You feel that you are supported by helpful people, both friend and stranger, and helpful beings such as angels and guides in the unseen world. You also feel good about your role as a helper, and you feel nourished and energized by helping others.

In your home, the colors related to this area are white, cream, grey, black, and metallic. Materials are marble, rock, stone, and metal. Images are circles and spirals, planets, the sky (because this area is aligned with heaven, the sky, and the cosmos), helpful spirit beings such as angels, and people in harmonious interconnection (such as an image of people holding hands in a circle). 

If your bedroom happens to be in this area, make sure that you bring in some warmth to the bedding, such as something in a warmer color or a faux fur or animal print throw (as this will also bring in a bit of the fire element). Also, if you choose imagery depicting beings - such as people or angels - I suggest choosing something with two beings in order to support the romance energies associated with bedrooms.

If this area lies outside your floor plan, you might mark the corner with a buried crystal, a large rock or crystal, a statue of an angel or angels, a lamp pole, or a stone fountain. If you don't have jurisdiction over the outside area, you might hang a mirror on one or both walls bordering the missing area to bring in the illusion of space.

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