The Serenity Area


 Part 9: The Serenity Area

Well, pull that out because today we're going to be looking at your serenity area, also known as "knowledge and self-cultivation." On the page, it's the lower left hand corner of your bagua.

This is the area that has to do with that inner sense of stillness that allows space around everything else. When this area is in balance, you feel more present, clear, aware, energized, focused, and balanced. You feel that self-help projects of all kinds (study, exercise, meditation, etc.) are priorities, and you're able to make time them in ways that feel good to you. I like to start with this area because when it's not in balance, a feeling of being scattered and overwhelmed can override joy in all other areas as well. 

The overall feeling of this area, ideally, will be clear, clean, clutter-free, and serene, and yet also sparkly and energized. For example, think of a meditation or yoga room with a sparkly rainbow crystal in the window, or a relaxing natural setting with sparkling sunlight and a tumbling waterfall. Serene, yet bright and energized.

No colors are bad in this area, but ideally fiery colors like red and bright orange will not predominate (accents are ok). Colors that can predominate might be neutrals and lights (tan, sage green, white, cream, brown), as well as shades of green and blue.

Recommended imagery for this area includes serene natural settings, mountains, and meditating or serene deities such as Quan Yin or the meditating Buddha (not the laughing/fat Buddha). 

Other items that might be ideal (depending on your space and preference) include wind chimes, rainbow crystals, mobiles, and rocks. 


If your bedroom is in this area, you'll want to warm it up a bit more and forgo the solitary person/deity imagery. Instead you might choose a receptive meadow with flowers, a happy couple picture, or Krishna and Radha (the divine lovers). For your bedding, you might choose a deep red or faux fur throw to add passion.

For some of you, this area will be outside of your floor plan. If this is the case, you might want to place a large rock or meditating Buddha statue outside to mark the corner. Or, if you don't have jurisdiction over the outdoor space (or if it's in another apartment), you might choose art with depth to put on the bordering wall that depicts a mountain or mountainous setting. Another option would be to enhance the corresponding corner in all the other rooms with something still and serene, such as a single obsidian or agate, and empower it with the energy of stillness/serenity.

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