The Creativity Area


 Part 12: The Creativity Area

This area is on the far right, in the middle row.

In the I Ching, it has to do with "joyous lake," and it's aligned with our creations: both artistic and human, as well as our inner child and our sense of playfulness and fun. Every area is equally important in its own way, and when this area is activated and flowing, we approach life with a lightness and inventiveness that helps carry us through darker times and move us out of feelings of stuck-ness or depression. We also have a positive relationship with our children, our furry children, our inner children, and our artistic creations.

In your home, there are no bad colors for this area, but it's good if it has a general feeling of lightness and whimsy. Rainbow color schemes can be good, as can pastels or other combos that remind you of a children's book. Lighter, more metallic colors can be good too, like silver, white, and cream. While imagery that naturally goes here would be lake creatures and other lake-related items, like butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, fish, and ducks, as well as lily pads, bubbles, and waterfalls, it can be good to tune into what really speaks, specifically, to your inner child in this area. For instance, for me, this area is all about the world of fairies and mermaids.

If your bedroom is in this area, of course make sure to have warmth in your bedding (red, pink, warm cream, and/or animal print of faux fur), and also choose imagery that depicts two whimsical beings, rather than one: two dragonflies, a mermaid and merman, etc.

It's not common for this area to lie outside of one's floor plan, but if it does in your case, you might place a statue or two of something whimsical, such as a fairy or a pinwheel, at the invisible border in your garden. A fountain may also be a good choice, or a buried apophyllite or lepidolite crystal.

Or, if you don't have power over the outside area, but it lies outside your floor plan, art with depth - perhaps of a bright, effervescent lake scene, would be an ideal way to create the illusion of space, as would a mirror with a sparkly, colorful, or light-colored frame.

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