Open Your Eyes


 Part 7: Open Your Eyes

Perhaps the most important feng shui consideration of all is that you love and feel good in your space. As Denise Linn says, "If it feels good, it's good feng shui. If it feels bad, it's bad feng shui." And everyone is different! There are no successful cookie cutter guidelines for decor. So when I do consultations for my clients, one of the most significant aspects of what I do is to ask about the space, and then listen to the answers, not just with my ears, but with my eyes and heart as well. For example, it might go like this:

Me: Tell me about this [furniture or decor piece].
Client: Well, I've had it for a while. I got it in Chinatown.
Me: How do you feel about it? 
Client: It matches the sofa. I thought it was relaxing when I got it.
Me: Do you like it?
Client: (Shrugging and looking blasé) Yeah. I like it. It's fine.

In this case, I would know beyond a doubt that this item was not supporting my client's most ideal feelings about his or her environment and life. I would also sense that there was more to the story. For example, after digging a little deeper, I might learn that it reminded the client of a time that was less than ideal, or that it used to suit his or her tastes, but doesn't any longer.

And, in other cases, I might learn that the client likes the piece, but doesn't particularly feel great about its placement.

Learning about how you really feel about your space has the added side effect of re-sensitizing you to how you really feel about your life, and guides you to take action in changing or fine-tuning things that are not currently contributing to your truest and most authentic good. 

So, you can do this for yourself by really opening your eyes. How do you feel in your body when you look at a piece, or an area of your home? Feng shui guidelines can be a great way to begin to see what feels right and what doesn't, but ultimately, your own preferences - felt through your mind, body, and emotions - are the most powerful indicators of what arrangements will support your most ideal life experience.

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