Part 2: Clean

Cleaning is really an extension of clearing your clutter. It's sort of like flossing after you brush: getting all the little sticky, dusty energetic debris off of your floor and surfaces and generally filling the space with an energy-refreshing boost.

For example, periodically as a sort of inviting-in-the-good ritual, I like to get a bucket of warm water with essential oil of peppermint in it, and wash all the dirt and dust off of the outside of my front door. During this time, I also clean the glass on my porch light fixture and sweep the doorstep. Because the front door is the "mouth of chi," and defines the quality of energy that you're drawing into your home, his invites in blessings and positivity. But cleaning everywhere with intention is an even more powerful and comprehensive way to welcome in the good.

So for part 2, once you've thoroughly cleared your clutter (which may take a day, a week, a month, or even several months), clean everywhere! I like to think of this DIY blogging project as a guide to helping you get your energy moving in the most positive, potent way possible, so clean under things. Do your extra-credit cleaning: clean where you don't normally clean. Steam your curtains and throw pillows. Vacuum behind the fridge. Really go for it!