The Career/Life-Path Area


 Part 10: The Career/Life-Path Area

The career/life-path area is in the center of the bottom row of your bagua. This area has to do with being in alignment with your true, unique authenticity and depth. It's a very solitary area, as it goes very deeply into your subconscious and the depths of your soul. When this area is in balance, you have an inner wellspring of inspiration because you know where your bliss lies, and you feel nourished by following it and honoring it. This area doesn't have to do with how you shine your light and express your gifts (we'll get to that area later). Rather, it has to do with how deeply in touch you are with your true self on the internal, solitary level.

When this area is in balance, you enjoy spending time alone because your interests and passions truly nourish your inner world. 

In your home, the colors related to this area are navy blue and black, although whites, creams, and greys can also support this area. Anything that brings in the water element can be excellent, especially pictures of the ocean or actual water features, but also mirrors, glass, wavy and asymmetrical shapes, flowing fabrics, and paisley prints. Round and oval shapes can also help support the water energies, since they represent the metal element, which supports the water element.

It's rare that bedrooms are in this area, but if you do have a bedroom in this area, I suggest forgoing the water feature (flowing water in bedrooms is usually not ideally stabilizing and grounding to sleep and relationships), and adding a little more warmth (warm colors or faux fur will help bring in the warm fire energies) than you otherwise would in this area, especially in the bedding. Mirrors can also be challenging for some people in bedrooms, as they can keep some (not all) people awake.

If this area is outside your floor plan, it would be a great place for an outdoor fountain. Or, if you don't have control over the area, you might add a mirror or art with depth to the bordering wall to create the illusion of space while also bringing in the accompanying energies.

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